Proposal Repository

Proposal Repository was launched in 2009 by Sudesh Kumar Foundation (Skf) to promote the interest of funding agencies, grant making organizations and investors as well as grant seeking organizations, institutions and businesses. It has been maintained by Ozg with the support from Skf.

What is the proposal repository?
The Proposal Repository is a searchable online system, where grant or funding proposals can be submitted at any time, in a standard format. Proposal Repository is a bigger pool of proposals for funding agencies, grant making organizations and investors to choose from as per matching their interests, and a bigger pool of funders for grant seeking organizations to solicit. All without the annoyance of different deadlines  and different forms to sift through.
Why Proposal Repository?

=> Investment in making a funding Proposal –
Writing grant/funding proposal require a certain level of expertise, time, financial investment in collecting data and background research. Proposal Repository does help you to maximize output of this investment.
=> Securing Investment made on funding Proposal –
Each of the funding agencies, grant making organizations and investors has its own application / proposal format in funding process. But, they have limited no. of funding so, they can’t fund all grant seeking organizations at one time. In case, proposal has not accepted or funded, then grant seeking organizations have to bear the cost and time invested in developing proposal for each and every project. Repeating it many times is simply not logical from any angle. Proposal Repository is the only answer to this.

=> Deadline and Application Process –
Each of the funding agencies, grant making organizations and investors has its own funding process and a deadline. And, keeping track of different deadlines and application process for different agencies is a specific task that need a separate department in a grant seeking organization, which has been found either absent or not affordable by most of organizations. Again, Proposal Repository is the answer to this.
How does it work?
The Proposal Repository accept grant / funding proposals at any point of time round the year from NGOs, Businesses and Institutions based in any part of the world. The Proposal Repository makes those proposals accessible to all funding agencies, grant making organizations and investors, searchable by keywords and region wise.
Concise proposals has been publicly accessible and searchable with a ref. code of grant seeking organizations / institutions / companies. And, complete file of proposals will be available on request. Also, Ozg Consulting suggest from large no. of proposals from which to choose thereafter it supports to complete the pre-funding process in a very short time.
In Proposal Repository, the very best proposals may attract offers from multiple agencies or, multiple agencies interested in funding the same project could decide to negotiate shared funding agreements that could benefit everyone involved.
Confidentiality Policy of Proposal Repository –
Ozg assures you that Proposal Repository is not any less confidential than current grant / funding submission mechanisms. All subscribing funding agencies, grant making organizations and investors, are abides by confidentiality policy of Proposal Repository.
Is there any registration required to use proposal repository?
No registration is required for –
=> The funding agencies, grant making organizations, CSR co. and investors.
=> Grant seeking Companies (except non-profit companies).
Registration is required for –
=>  NGOs and Institutions to use proposal repository. This is FREE.
To register your NGO (including non-profit companies) or institution, go to NGO Registry at
– Email for Proposal Submission –