NGO Registry

The Global NGO Registry maintains an extensive database of NGO / Nonprofits and Social Businesses for the interest of funding agencies / corporate donors / grant making organizations / consultants / investors / researchers / international development research center and government’s planning department.


 Registration into The Global NGO registry –


=> By getting registered into The Global NGO Registry an NGO increase the chances of being funded or supported by funding agencies / grant making organizations / CSR / corporate donors for its projects / program.

=> By completing registration at The Global NGO Registry, your NGO supports to the entire grant making process to be easy. It does save the time and money invested by funding organization into pre-funding process.

=> Also, registration into The Global NGO Registry makes every NGO entitled for any FREE services or subscriptions provided by SKF and value added services by its partner organizations or companies.


Fees and charges for Registration –


There are no fees or charges for registration into The Global NGO Registry. Registration and data management cost has been covered by Sudesh Kumar Foundation, London.

How to apply for Registration?